Stuff we like: ANNE HARDY

M MP-HARDA-00094-A-300

Anne Hardy, Cipher, diasec mounted c-type print, 144 x 174 cm, 2007

Her images seem to come out from one of your wildest dreams where things have been dislocated from their own context and moved to a different, contrived space; sometimes the same objects are repeated many times and scattered with apparent casuality in the space; the textures of the surfaces also multiply as to form a hypnotic pattern and the actual rooms being so hermetically sealed that it results in creating a claustrophobic effect. Her spaces are empty of people and yet, like in dreams or hallucinations, they clearly show the marks of someone who has just been there as if they were crime scenes.


Anne Hardy, Drift, diasec mounted c-type print, 120 x 180 cm, 2004


Anne Hardy, Untitled VI, diasec mounted c-type print, 120 x 150 cm, 2005

Hardy likes to “create something other than pure reality”. Her sets built over a long period of time navigate through the fantastical corners of the subconscious. We are just blown away every time we look back at her pictures as we discover more and more meanings and memories hidden in the back of our mind.

Anne Hardy is represented by Maureen Paley Gallery, London.

Posted by Alessandra