Stuff we like: LIEKO SHIGA

WEDDING VEILI am mesmerized by the world of Lieko Shiga. I encountered her work on the online magazine 1000 Words Photography, where you can read an excellent review of her new series of images. I instead would like to quote her own words as they are as powerful as her own photographs.

“The photographic paper is the evidence. The image printed on it had a smell, like something still fresh, as it appeared before my eyes. If the time axis exists inside the photograph, then I am standing completely outside of it, and in order to escape from the uncertainty of the “present”, which is both indecisive and elusive, I search desperately for some clue on an axis that definitely exists.” Lieko Shiga   CANARY ANGRYLILY 29_137000222-1370001 09_0876    14_9270 24_1465

All photographs taken from the series Canary by Lieko Shiga.

Posted by Alessandra