The Making of: Moody & Farrell lookbook

MoodyFarrell4… and here we have another great collaboration between milliner Eloise Moody, photographer Madame Peripetie, make-up artist Marina Keri and us at Recom Farmhouse!

We have known Eloise for over 5 years when she first moved to Mentmore Studios in Hackney, London, one of our beloved headquarters. It is not the first time that we all meet together to produce the lookbook for Moody & Farrell. We did so last year when we played with little red lights. For this lookbook the main concept running through the images is the repeated pattern between the hand woven straw and the hand drawn tattoos on the model.MoodyFarrell3  MoodyFarrell5

Kate, our retoucher, has created different moods for the lookbook. To enhance the natural colour of the straw, we decided to go for a dark but warm background and a very neutral skin tone.


There were not many difficulties in retouching this job, except cleaning and making all the body illustrations symmetrical whilst keeping the skin texture and adding a bit of magic.

Click on the images below to see the final retouching results on the skin.

MoodyfarrellDetail1Click to enlarge 100%.MoodyfarrellDetail2

Hope you liked the details!


CLIENT: Moody & Farrell
PHOTOGRAPHER: Madame Peripetie
POST-ARTISTS: Kate Booker, Riikka Eiro