Making of : INLINGUA

Commissioned by advertising agency Kolle Rebbe, this ad has been made by the Recom team in Stuttgart for InLingua, a language school that offers English courses for German speakers. While this ad will make sense to Germans, it won’t for almost everybody else, so a little explanation might be required: us Germans infamously pronounce the “th” as “z” – but in German the “z”-sound is pronounced with an “s” – hence the “s” is the letter being taken care of in these ads with the punchline “We take care of your th-problem”. Now while jokes are usually not that funny anymore if it takes 5 minutes to explain them, this is still and interesting example of how we composite together photographic and CG elements when making images.

Below is a video of the making-of of the three images.

After few CGI tests to define the material for the letter S….


…. we started to work on the specific images. For example in the image of the swamp, both the rope and the mud were computer generated.

Below early tests of rope and reference images:


…and some mud tests:


We also added some extra photographic elements to the background.


This is the initial layout and further below the final image.


The same process was applied to the other two images of this advertising campaign.

inlingua-th_pigs_englishWEB inlingua_th_water_englishWEB


Client: InLingua
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Art Director: Jörg Dittmann
CGI Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese
Post-Artist: Jan Grünbaum, Jonas Braukmann, Jonas Disch @ Recom
CGI-Artist: Ina Bostelmann, Ivo Stanev @ Recom

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