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Stuff we like: Daniel Gordon

001-nycu-artwork-gordonStill Life with Fish and Forsythia, Daniel Gordon, 2013

We recently received the latest copy of Foam magazine, which in this issue titled Under Construction, New Positions in American Photography features photographer and artist Daniel Gordon. It is so original! The colours and the patterns, the still life classic composition and object choices, all belong to an inventory of images we are familiar with. It is as if a 19th century Dutch still life painter had taken acid whilst traveling through exotic countries!
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fsrr_bImage: Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

Last week Rikka and Kristian, our retoucher and CGI artist in the London headquarters showed me this very interesting selections of photographs by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs. Fantastic! I straight away looked them up on the net to know that the Swiss duo, who works in Berlin, exhibited this body of work as part of “Una Espressione Geografica” exhibition in Turin, Italy.

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Stuff we like: LIEKO SHIGA

WEDDING VEILI am mesmerized by the world of Lieko Shiga. I encountered her work on the online magazine 1000 Words Photography, where you can read an excellent review of her new series of images. I instead would like to quote her own words as they are as powerful as her own photographs. Continue reading

Stuff we like: ANNE HARDY

BAZ0235Z_3.tifCell, Diasec mounted c-type print, 120 x 150 cm, 2004

When I discussed Anne Hardy‘s images with a friend, I asked: “What do you like about her work?”, he replied with a bewildered gaze whilst staring at the screen: “They are just something else”, his mouth open. I guess there is a lot to take in when one looks at Hardy’s photographs. They hit you from different sides as each object is carefully placed, creating scenes packed with multi-layered meanings. Continue reading

Stuff we like: PETER FUNCH

Peter Funch

Life’s A Beach (I), 2012.


Life’s A Beach (II), 2012

Peter Funch is a Danish photographer, whose work I’ve been a fan of for a long time. So when we opened our studio in Brooklyn last year and found out that his studio is just next door to ours, I was very excited of course!

These images are taken from his recents series ‘Triptychs’, which i really like. I always thought that they were either shot during a storm or set up with giant wind machines, so I was quite intrigued when he told me,  that these images were taken on a Caribbean island which is located close to an airport. Continue reading

Stuff we like: BRICE BISCHOFF

Bischoff Bronson Caves

What I love about this series by Brice Bischoff is that he uses some very simple techniques to great effect – all done in camera. These ones here are taken from the series Bronson Caves in Los Angeles. The caves are man made and since the 90s are very famous as filming locations. Continue reading