The making of: The Weight of Words

Franck Allais 'The Weight of Words'Driven by commitment to solve customer needs, Franck Allais

Franck Allais, whom we have been collaborating with for many years, is a conceptual photographer who ‘likes disrupting the habitual way of seeing and questioning everyday visual references’. In ‘The Weight of Words’ series he highlights how brands pollute our everyday landscape. The images and video, recently exhibited at KK Outlet, have all been retouched in our London studio.

Franck Allais 'The Weight of Words'Freshly made for you

Franck Allais 'The Weight of Words'Thicker Slower Better

I love working with fine art photographers, creating images to be used in art galleries that don’t have to strike you at first glance but can be a lot more subtle, growing on you the longer you look at them. The final artwork, although created in a similar way as for the advertising world, requires a different sensibility in retouching, restraining yourself from settling for the obvious.

One part of the series is a video, for which Franck filmed lorries and vans passing-by. This was the first time we also were confronted with sound editing, so I asked sound designer, musician and old friend of mine Manuel Pinheiro to help out. Manuel isolated the sounds of the vehicles, edited it to match the visual clues and composited it onto a background sound layer for us – it’s quite remarkable how similar sound editing is to retouching: it’s all about layers, filters, matching and blending so the result feels real, yet aesthetically pleasing.

This was also another chance to keep exploring moving imagery and how to composite them – a field that is relatively new to us. Below are a couple of screen shots of the work in progress using Nuke.FrankAllais_Nuke

Below is an example on how we have layered the images for the stills.

AllaisMakinOF2    Making of Quality Food

Franck Allais 'The Weight of Words'Quality Food

And here is a video of Franck at work at KK Outlet gallery for his first solo exhibition! Congratulation Franck and keep your beautiful ideas coming!!

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