We’re a happy and diverse band of creators, united by our boundless enthusiasm for visual arts. From our base in a creative enclave of East London, to the energy of Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Paris, Stuttgart, Berlin and Sofia our international studios give us huge capacity around the clock. At the same time, because each studio is small and unique, we pride ourselves on personalised service and the creative spirit of a boutique operation. We’re nice people, we work hard, and we always make time for lunch.


We’re equally adept with the demands of high concept fashion and high concept cars. We get a kick out of high-end automotive work…cars from the most famous marques in the world come roaring out of our studio with every pixel perfect. We work at an equally high level in fashion, whether it’s in avant-garde editorial, or subtly perfecting images with so light a touch that you never notice it’s happened, or weaving CGI and retouching together to unique effect. Our artists work on a huge variety of projects and subjects;  set-building, type, impossible architecture, futuristic worlds, extraordinary props, smoke & fog, drops & dew, crystals & glitter…

This gives our work a unique aesthetic edge, which we hone in collaborations with leading photographers on personal projects, where we pioneer techniques and push boundaries.

Our Process:

Our complete CGI and retouching workflow goes beyond what you expect from a post house.

When retouching projects, we work harmoniously within a photographer’s individual style, refining and perfecting in creative collaboration so the original vision is enhanced but never overpowered.

We believe in a synergetic relationship between photographers and CGI artists. We work together from planning, previsualization, camera and lighting set up, though working on location to the last finishing touches.

The style and knowledge that the photographer brings to the CGI process can be crucial in creating sublime and groundbreaking work. Take a look behind the scenes on location, see our work in situ, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Behance, and Facebook