The making of: LINCOLN

13-117_ASCH_HudsonRouge_Lincoln_SHOT11_COMP08_DAV_FlatFinalSent All images: Clemens Ascher

Before Christmas I met with photographer Clemens Ascher, who was very kindly helping me with a photographic shoot in Austria, his native land. Clemens has shot for Lincoln a very strong photographic series of images. I told him I intended to write something on him in our blog and when I asked what was his experience of shooting this job, he said: “please do not write about the difficulties of shooting in the heat of the California desert, everybody focusses on that… write about the team, it was a great team to work with and it was the team that made these images what they are” …and it is true. Clemens is not the usual car photographer. His background is more in fine art landscape photography, so the decision of agency Hudson Rouge’s creative director Alec Vianu to hire Clemens Ascher to give an entirely new look to such an iconic brand was quite bold and unexpected, but surely right! Supported by our New York team who was brought in for advice and skills on look development and retouching on set, and an experienced lighting crew, the final images have something unique.

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13-117_ASCH_HudsonRouge_Lincoln_SHOT02_COMP09_LAR_FlatFinalSent13-117_ASCH_HudsonRouge_Lincoln_SHOT15_COMP05_DAV_FlatFinalSent13-117_ASCH_HudsonRouge_Lincoln_SHOT14_COMP08_LAR_FlatFinalSent13-117_ASCH_HudsonRouge_Lincoln_SHOT18_COMP07_DAV_FlatFinalSentMany extra elements were shot separately from car and landscape and afterwards comped in to give an extra touch of whimsy. The combination of very minimal and graphic spaces enriched by small touches of colours and natural elements, the milky and creamy tonalities, have formed a quite distinct style, pretty new to car photography!
Good luck Clemens in all your future work!

Below a short making-of for one of the images.


…and the fantastic crew!

Lincoln Crew

chr_13-06-11_11.15.01Photographer Clemens Ascher: chr_13-06-11_15.49.24

Creative Director Alec Vianu: chr_13-06-11_14.44.27chr_13-06-13_20.21.12chr_13-06-16_19.06.30chr_13-06-16_01.31.17chr_13-06-16_21.19.06chr_13-06-16_21.50.28chr_13-06-17_22.03.14chr_13-06-17_22.18.49chr_13-06-18_00.01.24

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Client: The Lincoln Motor Company
Agency: Hudson Rouge
Creative Director: Alec Vianu
Art Producer: Amita Starosielski
Photographer: Clemens Ascher
Post Artist: Recom Farmhouse