Stuff we like: Daniel Gordon

001-nycu-artwork-gordonStill Life with Fish and Forsythia, Daniel Gordon, 2013

We recently received the latest copy of Foam magazine, which in this issue titled Under Construction, New Positions in American Photography features photographer and artist Daniel Gordon. It is so original! The colours and the patterns, the still life classic composition and object choices, all belong to an inventory of images we are familiar with. It is as if a 19th century Dutch still life painter had taken acid whilst traveling through exotic countries!
What is ingenious in Gordon’s work is he doesn’t limit himself in collecting pieces of paper from magazine and other material to assemble his collages. He actually uses Google images as an infinite resource; he prints pixel patterns on a domestic A4 printer and then makes 3D objects and shapes out of them. Once Gordon creates his sets, he finally photographs them with a large format camera. He comfortably jumps from a 2D to a 3D set and back to 2D image. The result is incredible!….More than well deserved, he has won this year prestigious Paul Huf Award! I’m sure there will be more to come!!!

appleApple, Daniel Gordon, 2013.

Artichokes_and_OrangesArtichokes and OrangesDaniel Gordon, 2013.

Crescnent_Eyed_PortraitCrescent Eyed Portrait, Daniel Gordon, 2013.

Portrait_with_Blue_HairPortrait with Blue Hair, Daniel Gordon, 2013.

Still_Life_with_Apples_and_PitcherStill Life with Pitcher and Apples, Daniel Gordon, 2013.

onionsOnions, Daniel Gordon, 2013.

620-iiratatouille-and-smoke-bush-2014-c-daniel-gordonRatatouille and Smoke Bush, Daniel Gordon, 2014.


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