The making of: Playing inside a box

Black Goo by Recom FarmhouseCloud by Recom Farmhouse PaintRFH

This series of portfolio images originates from a project we did together with artist Tom Price, who asked us to do some liquid simulations for him (part of it can now be viewed as a 15m high sculpture on Gloucester’s Kimbrose Square). We ended up with some really beautiful shapes of liquid matter, which I thought to show in a different context than it was originally thought for. Working with our lead CG artist Kristian Turner and his team (hello Dariusz, Simon & Rich!) we decided to put together a series of pure, simple arrangements of raw materials into perspex light-boxes. The composition was also inspired by an old still-life photo taken by Tim Simmons, who I had the pleasure to work for as an assistant when I first moved to London.
At the moment, we have final images of a small cluster of clouds, drips of black goo and Tom’s splashes of paint. We have used different techniques for each material: fluid technology for the cloud, polygon modeling for the black goo and 3 different liquid simulations for the paint.
Below are some screen grabs of the making of the paint image in Maya. More material to come soon.

Maya screen grabs Maya screen grabs Maya screen grabs

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