The making of: NISSAN QASHQAI

We were asked to create the entire image, including background, car and design of the platform, with the challenge of making the structure look futuristic, yet physically possible to build. The mood and feel needed to be distinctively technological as the campaign still visible everywhere in London, is about Urban Domination. For the background image we went to aerial photographer Allan Baxter c/o Getty Images for his extensive library of aerial cityscapes. The brief was to create a generic metropolitan city backdrop that would fade into suburbia towards the horizon. The car was intended to feel superior to the city by being raised physically higher than the other buildings. This meant we needed to source both, high-rises and helicopter photography to assemble the background. Allan was able to provide us with a good choice of high resolution images which Kate composited together to form the city.

Cityscape Comp

After many design-revisions the resulting platform is quite graphic. It also mimics different design aspects of the car, most notably the chrome supports for the hand rail are the same shape as the chrome piece in the center of the grill.

Below some sketches by our CG artist Richard Jenkinson who also worked on this project.

HELIPAD sketches and RENDERS

And below, needless to say, the final campaign image. Well done guys, it was a great team of joint forces!

NISSAN car - image production RECOM FARMHOUSE

Client: Nissan
Agency: TBWA G1
Art-Director: Cecilia Astengo
Creative-Director: Carina Wachsmann, David Chalu
Photographer: Allan Baxter (Background Shot)
Project Manager: Kate Booker, Kristian Turner
CGI-Director: Kristian Turner
CGI-Artist: Richard Jenkinson
Senior Post-Artist: Kate Booker

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