Making of : Versace Perfume Bottle

The initial idea for this personal project was to have the perfume against a white background with some splashes of color.


Then whilst researching, we decided to go to the opposite direction. The whole perfume bottle concept rotates around the mythology of Greek gods and we thought to bring this element into the shot. We used marble as a background because it is a material highly used in the Mediterranean countries. We also decided to go from a clean white background to a moody blue after seeing the combination of colours in this fashion image.


Below is the layout of the 3d scene. Lighting wise, we used a combination of HDR Light studio and some manually placed light cards. The depth of field was rendered straight out of the 3D package rather than applied in post production, so this really IS a full CGI image.


Clay render of the Versace perfume bottle


Wire frame render of the Versace perfume bottle

Below an early stage of the comping process ….


… and here is the final image!



Concept & Creative Direction:  Recom Farmhouse NYC Team
CGI and Retouching: Recom Farmhouse NYC Team
Bottle model: Evermotion

Posted by Alessandra