100% : Nissan Teana

NissanTean_1f It has been a long time since we last published something in this category where we show our work in detail. We put a lot of work into making our CG images look real! We add lots of small elements both in CG and in post-production and most of them will never be seen unless you are zoomed in at 100%. But this is what makes the difference between what, at first sight, looks photographed or computer generated!

Here is Nissan Teana commissioned by advertising agency TBWA Moscow. This image is fully made in CGI. Hope you enjoy looking at details as much as we do! Click on the image to enlarge..

NissanTean_1d  NissanTean_1c  NissanTean_1A


Client: Nissan
Agency: TBWA Moscow
Art Director: Julia Naydenkova
CGI Director: Kristian Turner @ Recom Farmhouse
CGI Artists: Kristian Turner, Simon Watts @ Recom Farmhouse
Post Artist: Kate Booker @ Recom Farmhouse

Posted by Alessandra