Stuff we like : Magic on Earth by Jean-Claude Moschetti

We recently came across the beautiful series of images by Jean-Claude Moschetti‘s «Magic on Earth». Jean-Claude is a press photographer and this is his long-term project about traditional secret societies and voodoo in Africa.


In West African societies, Jean-Claude writes, the supernatural is part of the daily life and the mask is often a mediator between the living world and the supernatural world of the dead, ancestors and other entities.

We particularly like Jean-Claude’s triptychs where he seems to bring together in a very powerful way the magical forces of the landscape and the otherworldly presence of the masked spirits.

Moschetti2Moschetti3Moschetti4Moschetti5 Moschetti6 Moschetti7All images by Jean Claude Moschetti from the series “Magic on Earth”