Making of: EPARCYL

a dog who prefers to sleep outside the front door rather than staying inside the smelly house.

The brief from Sebastien Boutebel was to create the façade of an average house, with a sad looking dog poking out of it’s doggy door at night to avoid the smell inside.
Kristian, our CGI director and Rich, one of our CGI artists created some key elements in the image. Whilst we were taking pictures of the main background, Kate also shot a 360 degree HDR image which was used by the CG team for lighting and reflections.

The most interesting thing was to see how our guys took advantage of this job to play with different CG techniques. They 3D-scanned the steps, which geometry was altered in Zbrush and textured in Mari before being lit and rendered in Maya using V-ray.


Below a screenshot taken from Mari.


And here are all the computer generated elements present in the final image.


Photoshop always helps us to give an extra element of magic, add a mood and make everything feel as being part of the same world. Below is the final image retouched by Kate. Please click to zoom in the image and enjoy the details!


Agency: Herezie
Creative Director: Sebastien Boutebel
Photography: Recom Farmhouse Team
Post-production: Recom Farmhouse
Project Manager: Kate Booker, Kristian Turner
CGI Director: Kristian Turner
CGI Artist: Richard Jenkinson
Senior Retoucher: Kate Booker

Posted by Alessandra