Making of : FORD KA

Christoph joined the Wades during the shoot to do the 3d-scan, shoot HDR Spheres to recreate identical lighting for the 3d model and to make sure we had all the photographic elements needed.

Below are some snapshots we have taken on location on the day of the shoot.

Recom Farmhouse on location with Wade Brothers

The Wade Brothers and talent.

Once the 3D model was made, Rich imported the model into Z-Brush where he cleaned it and added some extra details. There was still a lot to be decided at this stage as we were asked to try different options on the way the house was coloured: the whole façade or just with few roller marks of fresh paint.

Below are a few screenshots of the making of the house in ZBrush process.


Close-up of 3D model imported in ZBrush after the house was scanned.


Close-up of house tiles which have been modelled in ZBrush to add extra details to the 3D model.


Textured version of house façade.


Close-up of textured version of house façade.


Roof textured version.

After modelling the house facade in Zbrush, we re-created the lighting conditions and reflections of the actual scene in Maya. It was then the turn of Pepe in our retouching department to comp the different elements together, shift the colour of the car from blue to pink and fine-tune the whole image.

Here is the house before it was painted pink by us and below is a close-up of the final version.

Ford Ka retouched by Recom Farmhouse

The ad is everywhere in the streets of London at the moment!

Ford Ka billboard in Clapton, East London, United Kingdom.


Client: Ford UK

Agency: The Blue Hive

Art Producer: Mark Doyle

Creative Director: Mark Harrison

Photographer: The Wade Brothers

CGI Director: Christoph Bolten @ Recom Farmhouse

CGI Artist: Richard Jenkinson @ Recom Farmhouse

Post Artist: Pepe Alram @ Recom Farmhouse