Making of : Kronenbourg 1664 campaign

Recom Farmhouse 1664 advertisign campaign with Alessandra Kila
Recom Farmhouse 1664 advertisign campaign with Alessandra Kila
Recom Farmhouse 1664 advertisign campaign with Alessandra Kila


Our CG director Christoph Bolten went to France with photographer Alessandra Kila to capture the landscapes and the glasses of beer in the studio. The shoot was accomplished in just over a week thanks to the amazing team of Fred Espinasse and Nico Pollet-Villard at Toolbox Productions who took us to the best hidden gems that Southern France and Paris have to offer! The bottles were created in CG allowing us to combine perfect studio lighting with the bright mid-day sun and sky of a French beach in summer.
In London, photographer Alessandra Kila sat with senior CG artist Kristian Turner to light the bottles of beer in Maya. After the CG studio lighting session, Kristian wrapped the bottle with the natural light of the landscapes recorded during the location shoot.
All the elements were then brought together in photoshop where our experienced post artists Kate, Pepê and Riikka, gave it that extra touch of magic to make the images look real!


Recom Farmhouse CGI Clay Renders

Wireframes of CG elements for Flamingo image.

Recom Farmhouse CGI Clay Renders

For the rooftop overlooking Paris, we created the table and decking in CG. The glass of beer and cityscape were photographed by Alessandra Kila in Paris and the red cross was made by compositing lots of different photographic elements.

Recom Farmhouse CGI Clay Renders

Wireframe of CG elements for Saint Cyr Sur Mer image.

Recom Farmhouse CGI Clay Renders

Wireframe of CG elements for Rooftop / Blanc Beer.

Recom Farmhouse CGI beer bottle with condensation

Close-up of the CGI bottle of beer.

Lots of work went into creating the condensation on the bottle with different sizes of dewdrops cut by drops running down the side of the bottle.
Click on the image if you want to look at the details!

Recom Farmhouse CGI animals / pink flamingo

And these are our CG flamingos! Click on the image to zoom in 100%


For this production we scouted various places around the Calanques in Southern France.
Below are some shots from a stunning deserted beach in Camargue National Reserve with creative and art directors Mathieu Nevians and Paul Grange, copywriter Alexander Foucray, the team at Toolbox Production, Alessandra Kila and Christoph Bolten.


To get the perfect point of view one sometimes has to suffer – either wait for the tide to go out or strip off and brave the floods…Only Alessandra got carried piggyback – and we got the shot! So it was well worth it!


Alessandra and Christoph discuss the shot in St Cyr Sur Mer with the creatives from Herezie.

Making Of 1664 - Recom Farmhouse

Whilst waiting for the sun to set someone is always having fun at Toolbox …

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 18.06.31

Shooting food and beer at Swissmiss Studio in Paris.

When assembling the puzzle of elements, compiled from CGI and multiple photographic shoots, we were very careful to match the camera angles and perspectives.

The guys at Toolbox productions built an arm for the camera to shoot from the 32nd floor of a high rise building in Paris. Watch the video above to see how high we were.

And finally below Alessandra and Christoph shooting water, beach and sky – this was important to be able to feel the heat that makes you crave for a cold one…



Client: 1664
Agency: Herezie
Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci, Mathieu Nevians
Art Director: Paul Grange
Production: Toolbox
Photographer: Alessandra Kila for Recom Farmhouse
CGI Director: Christoph Bolten / Recom Farmhouse
Lead CGI Artist: Kristian Turner / Recom Farmhouse
CGI Artists: Anna Toropova, Richard Jenkinson / Recom Farmhouse
Post Artists: Pepê Alram, Kate Brown, Riikka Eiro / Recom Farmhouse
Food and Beer Stylist : Eric Andre and Chloe Josso