The making of: A TWIN PEAKS STORY

Twin_Peaks editorial retouched by Recom Farmhouse
Twin_Peaks editorial retouched by Recom Farmhouse

Wilcox-Johansson shot 3 different styles of pictures: one in black and white and the other two in colour against light and dark backdrops. They wanted Kate to develop these styles further. Kate sourced different images to inspire herself during ‘the making of’ the images. She worked very hard throughout the weekend and presented the photographer with 3 main moods for their 3 different styles. Smokey, degraded effect for the black and white; a vintage look with pastel colours and out of focus edges for the light backdrop and an amazing TV screen effect with pronounced hues for the blues and red for the images shot against the dark backdrop.

Below I have posted some work in progress to show some of the styles they went through. Really well done!

TWIN-PEAK_tv screen effects

Some TV screen and colour effects.

Twin_Peaks close-up by Recom Farmhouse

Close-up of final image. Click on the image to enlarge.


Here are 4 versions for the B&W options using different light leaks to help create the smoky effect.

Twin_Peaks editorial retouched by Recom Farmhouse

And finally here are different effects to achieve a re-photographed effect from paper or an old photograph. Finally the pastel vintage look with blurred edges has been selected.


Photography: Wilcox – Johansson
Styling: Helen Cooper
Hair: Sami Knight
Make-up: Thomas at Frank Agency
Post-Artist: Kate Booker

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