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News: Ralph Mecke for Best Fashion

Fashion photographer Ralph Mecke has shot this beautiful editorial for Best Fashion magazine.
Ralph’s images are shot on large format negative. You can just feel the film quality of these images; the grain, the tones, the depth of field is just incredible! We scanned the images in our studio in Stuttgart and fine tuned the colours.

Well done Ralph, keep up the good work!

BF_0215_Mountain Prophet 1.korr.indd

BF_0215_Mountain Prophet 1.korr.indd

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News : Monica Menez

Jewellery story “Touched For The Very First Time” was photographed by Monica Menez using jewellery from designers Vanessa Baroni, Jasmina Jovy and Galen Guld. To enhance the pastels and soft look of the images we created these multi coloured backgrounds with Monica.  Hope you enjoy the subtle nuances of the series!

Monica Menez retouched by Recom

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Making of : Tears


One day we were called by Damien De Blinkk called us with a rather unusual request: can you make a girl cry? While being a questionable task in the real world, in the virtual world this turned out to be a fun little project! See the making-of below, using ZBrush to model the tear, Maya/Vray for lighting & rendering and bringing it all together and adding those bloodshot eyes in Photoshop finished it off.

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News : Shiny Theory by Elizaveta Porodina

We worked with photographer Elizaveta Porodina on this fashion editorial for Vision China Magazine. We wrote about her amazing talent last year when we accidentally stumbled on her body of work. Since then we have had the honour to work with Elizaveta on few projects. In this series we fine tuned her colour world whilst enriching the overall graphic of this highly stylized series.


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News : Zwischenwelten by Ralph Mecke

Check out this crazy beautiful editorial, shot by Ralph Mecke on large format colour negative. It is inspired by the world of Francis Bacon and takes you to some dark and beautiful places inside the human soul. Our team in Stuttgart scanned the images, making sure to keep the analogue feeling of the negative whilst showing a peculiar pallette of colours for this excentric world of unusual beings.

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News : Wilcox & Johansson for Citizen K

Photographer duo Wilcox & Johansson were commissioned by fashion and lifestyle magazine Citizen K to shoot this watch editorial in Paris. Facing a tight deadline the photographers joined us in our London studio as we explored different looks in search for a classy James Bond style retro feel.

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News : Construct by Thomas Brown

We worked with photographer Thomas Brown on this still life project made in collaboration with set designer Robert Storey. We loved enhancing the subtle tonalities of greys whilst enriching the wood texture and the overall graphic of this highly stylized series.

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The Making of: Moody & Farrell lookbook

MoodyFarrell4… and here we have another great collaboration between milliner Eloise Moody, photographer Madame Peripetie, make-up artist Marina Keri and us at Recom Farmhouse!

We have known Eloise for over 5 years when she first moved to Mentmore Studios in Hackney, London, one of our beloved headquarters. It is not the first time that we all meet together to produce the lookbook for Moody & Farrell. We did so last year when we played with little red lights. For this lookbook the main concept running through the images is the repeated pattern between the hand woven straw and the hand drawn tattoos on the model. Continue reading