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News: Ralph Mecke for Best Fashion

Fashion photographer Ralph Mecke has shot this beautiful editorial for Best Fashion magazine.
Ralph’s images are shot on large format negative. You can just feel the film quality of these images; the grain, the tones, the depth of field is just incredible! We scanned the images in our studio in Stuttgart and fine tuned the colours.

Well done Ralph, keep up the good work!

BF_0215_Mountain Prophet 1.korr.indd

BF_0215_Mountain Prophet 1.korr.indd

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News : Zwischenwelten by Ralph Mecke

Check out this crazy beautiful editorial, shot by Ralph Mecke on large format colour negative. It is inspired by the world of Francis Bacon and takes you to some dark and beautiful places inside the human soul. Our team in Stuttgart scanned the images, making sure to keep the analogue feeling of the negative whilst showing a peculiar pallette of colours for this excentric world of unusual beings.

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So here we are! We have a Blog! Amazing! Scary! I have to start writing stuff and hope you find something interesting here. There are so many amazing people out there doing beautiful work, so this blog is not only about why we love what we do and how we do it, but as much about all the stuff we encounter that excites us and we want to share with you.

And as a little introduction – here is a picture taken in Brooklyn by Ralph Mecke, who was kind enough to take a crew shot on the roof top of the old factory in which our studio is located. After just schlepping our black leather couch to the roof it started snowing!

Recom Farmhouse crew on the roof top of the studio in Brooklyn