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News : Wilcox & Johansson for Citizen K

Photographer duo Wilcox & Johansson were commissioned by fashion and lifestyle magazine Citizen K to shoot this watch editorial in Paris. Facing a tight deadline the photographers joined us in our London studio as we explored different looks in search for a classy James Bond style retro feel.

14-172_JELE_CitizenK_Watches_029_BW_COMP03_KAT_FINAL_ART Continue reading

The making of: A TWIN PEAKS STORY

Twin_Peaks editorial retouched by Recom FarmhouseWhat a great concept photographers Wilcox – Johansson together with super creative retoucher Kate Booker had for this fashion editorial published on I Love You magazine. Wilcox-Johansson shot the Twin Peaks inspired series mimicking the poses and style of soap operas and American dramas (which David Lynch was also making references to). The “Twin Peaks” theme was reinforced in post-production by Kate, who was amazing in creating different colour moods and effects, which very subtly enhanced the concept. Continue reading