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Making Of “Jaguar” – painting sunshine with Marc Trautmann

How to bring the sunshine when the weather just will not co-operate?  This is how we do it:

Marc Trautmann took the new compact crossover E-Pace on a week long shoot to the streets of London for its latest campaign. The brief called for a sunny, late afternoon atmosphere, but the weather refused to cooperate. This didn’t stop our post artist Pepê Alram from using his mad sunshine painting skills, and together the team transformed a gloomy day into a pleasant, bustling afternoon in the city.

See the series on our site here.

Client: Jaguar Land Rover
Agency: Spark 44
Photographer: Marc Trautmann
Creative Director: Nick Hearne
Art Director: Samuel Hennessy
Post Artists: Pepê Alram, Aljaž Bezjak / Recom Farmhouse
Photographer’s Agent: Patrick Casey

Stuff we like: BRICE BISCHOFF

Bischoff Bronson Caves

What I love about this series by Brice Bischoff is that he uses some very simple techniques to great effect – all done in camera. These ones here are taken from the series Bronson Caves in Los Angeles. The caves are man made and since the 90s are very famous as filming locations. Continue reading