The making of: FORD MONDEO

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Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo

While spending a lot of time together with Damien and our 3d artist Kristian Turner on developing and designing the space, which was supposed to be some beautiful, high-end X-Ray facility, Damien shot the cars on a simple white cove, making sure we also had some beautiful caustic effects on the floor to use for compositing. Kristian then rendered hundreds of layers for the x-ray version of this image, starting with the architecture, the rear of the car, the seats, the cables, the front of the car, the headlights and so on. In post I created a rather daunting layer stack, building the image up from the back to the front, making sure it didn’t get too messy and focussing on those parts that were important for the client – in this case the automatic distance warning sensors. Most importantly we wanted to create some magic, so we were not left with a purely technical rendering, but something rather organic. It was crucial for us that we didn’t end up with a flat X-Ray or a glass object, but rather with a tactile, three-dimensional and beautiful object. Even after nearly 3 years, I think it was a great work collaboration between photography, CGI and retouching techniques.

To illustrate the whole process I have also included some references that Damien sent to us, and some early work in progress steps, which I think are quite interesting.

Also here you can view some more work by Damien.

Moodboard Ford1

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Photography: Blinkk and CGI Recom Farmhouse
Agency: Ogilvy London
Photography: Blinkk
CGI Director: Christoph Bolten
Senior Art Director: Andrew Wyton
Creative Director: Camilla Herberstein
Art Buying: Lesley Scott
Art Production: Debby Snowling
Post Artist: Christoph Bolten