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Making of : The dark side of Los Angeles (part II)


This is yet another image we have created in collaboration with photographer Markus Wendler for the series “The Dark Side of Los Angeles” which visually narrates ambiguous stories in downtown LA. The vintage cars appearing in each image are completely created in CG. Continue reading

Making of : Recom / Schnabel / Evers


We always try to squeeze in personal projects between one commission and the next. When doing them we loveto collaborate, especially with photographers! So when Thorsten at Recom thought to build some stunning CG architecture with a CG car, he contacted photographer and mountain lover Michael Schnabel together with architect Fabian Evers. Excited by the idea, they began to look for a spectacular location in the mountains where it would be possible to virtually build the imaginary home of a car obsessed art collector. After viewing and scanning the mountainous landscape via satellite imagery, they travelled to the San Bernardino Pass in the Swiss Alps, located only a few hours away from our Stuttgart studio.

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Making of : Versace Perfume Bottle

When we find the time we like to experiment with making full CGI images for our product-based portfolio. In the past we created a full CGI visual for an Estée Lauder product, this time our New York team have produced a Versace perfume bottle. Continue reading


Perspex Box MushroomNearly 1 year ago we posted on Mad Love a personal project which consisted of a series of perspex light-boxes enclosing different types of pure, simple arrangements of raw materials made in CGI. We had a small cluster of clouds, drips of black goo and splashes of paint. This time we enjoyed modeling some mushrooms and a formation of crystals.

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Recom Farmhouse Christmas CardClick on the image to enlarge or click here if you can’t see the animation.

With Christmas sneaking up as every year also comes the question of what to send out to our friends – so this year we decided to start a hopefully popular series of collaborations with some of the amazing photographers we get to work with. The first one is with the super-talented duo Kila & Rusharc, who created together with us this gif animation, depicting a Christmas dinner building up to its climax and ending with the inevitable come-down and clean-up afterwards – repeated in a neverending cycle. Continue reading

The making of: The dark side of Los Angeles

12-106_MAWE_LA_Nighttime_911-tracks_COMP08_CHR_FlatFinal 12-106_MAWE_LA_Nighttime_CGI_COOLCAR_COMP01_PP_FINALART 12-106_MAWE_LA_Nighttime_corvette_COMP07_CHR_flatFinal

These are only the first three pictures of an ongoing project made in collaboration with automotive and landscape photographer Markus Wendler. We have worked together many times on commercial jobs and we are often on the phone chatting about life and work and it’s one of those relationships that seems to be working on the same wavelength, particularly creatively. So it came natural that we decided to finally collaborate together on something different than advertising; something where we did not have the pressure of showing the cars at particular angles and light, but rather the opposite. Continue reading

The making of: Playing inside a box

Black Goo by Recom FarmhouseCloud by Recom Farmhouse PaintRFH

This series of portfolio images originates from a project we did together with artist Tom Price, who asked us to do some liquid simulations for him (part of it can now be viewed as a 15m high sculpture on Gloucester’s Kimbrose Square). We ended up with some really beautiful shapes of liquid matter, which I thought to show in a different context than it was originally thought for. Continue reading