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Making of : IN THE GARDEN by Clemens Ascher


Clemens Ascher’s latest series “IN THE GARDEN” depicts scenes from an indoor garden complex.
The world he represents appears to be entirely artificial, a plastic utopia carefully designed to deliver happiness and comfort to its inhabitants. The bright and saturated colours in these pictures are seemingly trying to compensate for the void in which these people live.

We have helped our friend Clemens in constructing this dystopian vision by adding some CG elements to his pictures. Together we discussed the set prior to his shoot and we came to the conclusion that models, plastic plants, carpets and placeholders for walls were going to be photographed, whilst windows, final walls and all other architectural elements would be created in CG.

Photographer: Clemens Ascher Fashion Stylist: Alice Whiting

Hair Stylist: Craig McAtear CGI Director: Kristian Turner / Recom Farmhouse 
CGI Artist:  Florian Einfalt / Recom Farmhouse Post Artist: Pepe Alram, Kate Brown, Andrea Tosello / Recom Farmhouse

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Making of : Pleasure Grounds by Clemens Ascher

Look at these images and look again because what first appears to be a theme park is in reality a carefully constructed world balancing on the threshold of leisure and order.
Shot by photographer Clemens Ascher, the series Pleasure Grounds depicts scenes where people are shown in a moment of leisure but the space they inhabit is bleak and slightly threatening. Military weapons and wild domesticated animals populate this landscape and as viewers we are unsure what is real and what is ficticious. Pleasure Grounds Pleasure Grounds Continue reading

Stuff we like: Daniel Gordon

001-nycu-artwork-gordonStill Life with Fish and Forsythia, Daniel Gordon, 2013

We recently received the latest copy of Foam magazine, which in this issue titled Under Construction, New Positions in American Photography features photographer and artist Daniel Gordon. It is so original! The colours and the patterns, the still life classic composition and object choices, all belong to an inventory of images we are familiar with. It is as if a 19th century Dutch still life painter had taken acid whilst traveling through exotic countries!
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Perspex Box MushroomNearly 1 year ago we posted on Mad Love a personal project which consisted of a series of perspex light-boxes enclosing different types of pure, simple arrangements of raw materials made in CGI. We had a small cluster of clouds, drips of black goo and splashes of paint. This time we enjoyed modeling some mushrooms and a formation of crystals.

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fsrr_bImage: Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

Last week Rikka and Kristian, our retoucher and CGI artist in the London headquarters showed me this very interesting selections of photographs by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs. Fantastic! I straight away looked them up on the net to know that the Swiss duo, who works in Berlin, exhibited this body of work as part of “Una Espressione Geografica” exhibition in Turin, Italy.

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Stuff we like: LIEKO SHIGA

WEDDING VEILI am mesmerized by the world of Lieko Shiga. I encountered her work on the online magazine 1000 Words Photography, where you can read an excellent review of her new series of images. I instead would like to quote her own words as they are as powerful as her own photographs. Continue reading

The making of: ‘The Impossibility of Love’

Kila Rusharc Impossibility of Love Retouching by Recom Farmhouse‘Teetering on the Precipice of Your Mistrust’,  Kila & Rusharc

We are finally back after a long period of absence…herrr sorry for the big gap! So it is now overdue to post this still life series which has been finalised by our retouchers before summer and shot, styled and art directed by photographers Kila & Rusharc, who are only at the beginning of their collaboration. Behind this mysterious name there are Philip and Alessandra, with the latter being also a contributor to this blog and my other half. Continue reading

Stuff we like: ANNE HARDY

BAZ0235Z_3.tifCell, Diasec mounted c-type print, 120 x 150 cm, 2004

When I discussed Anne Hardy‘s images with a friend, I asked: “What do you like about her work?”, he replied with a bewildered gaze whilst staring at the screen: “They are just something else”, his mouth open. I guess there is a lot to take in when one looks at Hardy’s photographs. They hit you from different sides as each object is carefully placed, creating scenes packed with multi-layered meanings. Continue reading