The making of: The Weight of Words

Franck Allais 'The Weight of Words'

Driven by commitment to solve customer needs, Franck Allais

Franck Allais, whom we have been collaborating with for many years, is a conceptual photographer who ‘likes disrupting the habitual way of seeing and questioning everyday visual references’. In ‘The Weight of Words’ series he highlights how brands pollute our everyday landscape. The images and video, recently exhibited at KK Outlet, have all been retouched in our London studio. Read more

The making of: A TWIN PEAKS STORY

Twin_Peaks editorial retouched by Recom Farmhouse

What a great concept photographers Wilcox – Johansson together with super creative retoucher Kate Booker had for this fashion editorial published on I Love You magazine. Wilcox-Johansson shot the Twin Peaks inspired series mimicking the poses and style of soap operas and American dramas (which David Lynch was also making references to). The “Twin Peaks” theme was reinforced in post-production by Kate, who was amazing in creating different colour moods and effects, which very subtly enhanced the concept. Read more

The making of: Achim Lippoth’s Kid’s Wear


I just love what Benjamin and Michaela from our Stuttgart office have done for this kid’s wear project beautifully shot by photographer Achim Lippoth for Kid’s Wear Magazine. It has been a long-winded process, but certainly a rewarding one!

Before the photo shoot, they discussed their approach with Achim and he agreed to keep a clean white background in a corner of the room because they wanted to combine the images taken in the studio with some old printing techniques.

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Stuff we like: PETER FUNCH

Peter Funch
Life’s A Beach (I), 2012.
Life’s A Beach (II), 2012

Peter Funch is a Danish photographer, whose work I’ve been a fan of for a long time. So when we opened our studio in Brooklyn last year and found out that his studio is just next door to ours, I was very excited of course!

These images are taken from his recents series ‘Triptychs’, which i really like. I always thought that they were either shot during a storm or set up with giant wind machines, so I was quite intrigued when he told me,  that these images were taken on a Caribbean island which is located close to an airport. Read more


Client : 125 Magazine Photographer : Holger Pooten

An old project I’m still very fond of is this fireman series of Holger Pooten.
After we brainstormed for a while together, Holger shot the real model on location and we then spent a day in the studio of setbuilder Carmel Said, setting mannequins on fire. Since I’m a little obsessed with fire anyway, it was an insane amount of fun despite a five-meter high wall nearly collapsing on us.


We kept putting mannequins on fire until we had enough flames and smoke to work with in post-production in order to retouch them onto the real model. Each flame had to be masked and composited with a mix of different blending modes as one of the tricky things about compositing fire is that it can’t just be screened or multiplied!

This project has also been published in 125 Magazine.

Click on the images to enlarge 100%

Client : 125 Magazine Photographer : Holger Pooten
HOPO Fire Making Of
FireTests 139
FireTests 167

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Paparazzi Style…

Porsche by Recom Farmhouse

A very long mirror lens with its shallow depth of field is what makes this image so peculiar and the strong backlight adds the mood to it! Thorsten-Jasper Weese from our Stuttgart studio travelled with Uli Heckmann to Mexico for a web special for the Panamera. Using such a long lens is really unusual in car photography as it flattens out the perspective, but the way Uli used it, it even highlights the unique sinuous curves of this car amidst the chaos of the city traffic. Although the car was entirely created in the computer, the final effect is definitely very natural. Click on it to see it 100%.

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Client: Porsche
Agency: BB-K
Photographer: Uli Heckmann
Art Director: Martin Spies
CGI-Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese
CGI-Artist: Andreas A. Maurer
Post Artists: Jonas Braukmann, Uli Heckmann, Martin Spies

The making of: FORD MONDEO

Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo

As it’s often impossible to show the amount of work and detailing that goes into an image, by posting the result on our website, I am starting a new section in the blog called 100%. Here we would like to post all those images which can be best appreciated in all their details when enlarged. I thought to post some close-ups of the Ford Mondeo campaign which we realised together with Damien de Blinkk for Ogilvy. This was a couple of years ago, but I am still very fond of looking at some of the qualities that only start to show when zooming in all the way. Read more


So here we are! We have a Blog! Amazing! Scary! I have to start writing stuff and hope you find something interesting here. There are so many amazing people out there doing beautiful work, so this blog is not only about why we love what we do and how we do it, but as much about all the stuff we encounter that excites us and we want to share with you.

And as a little introduction – here is a picture taken in Brooklyn by Ralph Mecke, who was kind enough to take a crew shot on the roof top of the old factory in which our studio is located. After just schlepping our black leather couch to the roof it started snowing!

Recom Farmhouse crew on the roof top of the studio in Brooklyn